torsdag 15 september 2016

Hemma hos familjen Hadjigeorgiou

Igår var vi bjudna hem till min fina vän Dora och hennes familj på middag. Hennes mamma hade till och med åkt hem på sin lunchrast för att hinna göra vissa rätter! Hur galet? Men åh så god mat!
<3 galet="" gott="" h="" hur="" men="" nbsp="" p="" s="">
Tack för att ni ordnat så fint för oss, med så god mat, dryck och inte minst; underbart sällskap!
Fick tyvärr inte de bästa bilderna då jag hade fullt upp med att njuta istället. Men här är några ifrån kvällen;

 Kiaras betyg av kvällen var: "I want to stay here for ages, I dont want to go to my house". Haha.

(((Over and Out)))

onsdag 14 september 2016

Goodbye Cyprus, thank you for these 8 years

8 years ago I had the chance to go to Cyprus and try out for the football team AEK Kokkinochorion. I really did not have any expectations what so ever. I thought it would just be a one week free holiday. Little did I know that I would fall madly in love with the island. 

The girls and everyone around the team took such good care of us. They opened their hearths and homes for us and let us in to the family that is AEK. We played some amazing football games, some that were shown on national television, we did a lot of hard training, during some periods we had 3 sessions per day. But there was so much more than just football. There was friendship, laughter, parties, adventures, ups and downs... it was a new life. A life I love. 

I got to fulfill all my childhood dreams here on this island.
I became a full time professional football player.
I got to go to Egypt.
I took my driving licence.
I bought my first car.
I studied to become a interior designer and took my Bachelor degree and later also my Masters.
I met the man of my dreams. Kevin.
I got pregnant and we had the most beautiful little girl. Kiara.
I got to live with my very own little family in a wonderful beach front villa with a pool the size of a five a side football field.

I thought it would just be a one week free holiday. Little did I know that I would fall madly in love with the island and stay here for 8 years. Never had I imagined that all my dreams would be fulfilled and that I would, together with my other half make the biggest decision in my life so far.

It is time for me (us) to leave this island. It is time to go home to Sweden. Although I say goodbye it will never be a goodbye. It will always be a See You Later cause Cyprus holds a very special place in my hearth.

Thank you AEK Kokkinochorion and everyone around the team for everything. Without the chance you gave me my life would be so much poorer. To the girls, I love you.

/ Your CrazyCat

(((Over and Out)))